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Experience and Portfolio

Since 1994 we have translated thousands of pages in the following areas:

  • Technical manuals and AutoCAD drawings.
    • Equipment for steel, oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries.
    • Tubing equipment, instruments, filters, gauges, mechanical equipment, etc.
    • Home appliances.
    • Medical equipment.
  • Business correspondence.
  • Legal documents and all kinds of certificates issued by authorities.
  • Many other projects in various areas.

Some of our clients (direct and indirect) are:

    European Commission; Electrolux; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Blue Stream Pipeline Company; Baker Hughes; Marchesini; Moscow Jewellery Group; Officine Meccaniche A.N.I. S.p.a.; QS Group; Whitesun; Case da Abitare; ACM; Gisowatt; Briko; COMET Costruzioni Metalliche; Peroni Pompe; RAI; Ansaldo Energia; Nuovo Pignone; Angioletti Vessel; Fisher Controls International; Fisher-Rosemount Systems; Adler; Alfa Valvole; Colves; WIKA; Anderson Greenwood Crosby; LVF; Magnetrol; Eisenbau; Klinger; PBVS; Technicontrol; A & G; Consorzio Veneto Esportatori; SFG; Jacuzzi Europe; Fiere di Parma Spa; Veronafiere Spa; Wardwell Italy; Babcock Wanson; Mc Culloch; Consorzio Vallebrembana; Omniatex; Imetec; Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Universita' e della Ricerca; Regione Lombardia; Assolombarda; Zucchi etc.